Open the document in gedit to see the code that makes these options work!


This code makes c o l o r s appear in the text! Simply put span style="color:(your color here)" in front of the text and /span afterwards. You can make whole secitons of text one color by putting span around the sections you want colored! The colors we have are aqua , blue, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy blue, olive green, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow.

You can find more colors here at! Just use the color code in place of the name of the color: aquamarine!

Text Options

You can make the font bigger or smaller; you can make the font italic or oblique; you can make the font bold or lighter. Or you can combine everything: make the text colored, bigger, italic and bold like this: This looks pretty cool! You can do any combination of style options on your website!

More Text Options!

Sometimes the text on a website is on one side of the page, in other pages it is centered. You do this by using a similar style tag. By using style="text-align:(place)" where the place can be one of the following: left, center, right, and justify.

Left looks like this

Center looks like this

Right looks like this

Justify looks like this - it's a little tricky to see here, but what it does is make the text fit the width of the page, so that the right edge of the text is a straight line. If you have a long paragraph it makes the edges neat, which helps the overall look of the website. If you look at the Text Options paragraph one of the line ends is uneven.

You can also do other things to the text: style="text-decoration:(decoration) does some pretty cool things! The blink decoration makes text blink! Other decorations are line-through, overline, and underline.


Lists make a webpage easier to read. They are made up of two sets of tags: one that starts and ends the list, and one that surrounds an item in the list. You can have lists of lists!

Background Color

To change the background color use a 'style' tag inside the <body> tag, as is shown in this <body> section. Look at the top of the code; it is under the tag. PLEASE choose a color that is easy to look at.