Adding a New Section to Your Webpage

Add a new section to your webpage for this module. To do so, copy the html shown below to the end of your index.html file (just above the comment line).

  <div class="section">
    <h2>Give this section a title!</h2>

    <p style="text-align:center;">
      <img src="csu-logo.jpg" height="300"><br />
      <i>Give your image a caption!</i>

      Write about the module here!

Once you've done that, write a paragraph about what you discovered during this module. Structure your paragraph as a summary of what you accomplished and few things that you learned. While you're writing, go into detail about anything you found challenging and make a note about how you overcame each challenge. Also include at least one aspect that surprised you and what you enjoyed about it.

For example:


The functions I plotted using Python.

These are some functions that I plotted. I plotted them by typing commands into IPython. Something I learned about functions is that you can use them to estimate values, and you can evaluate a function by replacing x with the value. I was surprised by the plot when I tried plotting 'sin(x/x^2)'! Something that I found hard was guessing what shape the functions had before plotting them by hand. It turns out that plotting them using a computer makes this a lot easier. My favorite part of functions was trying lots of different functions in the program to see what interesting shapes I could make.