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Scatter Plots Scatter plot printout for practicing fitting a line by hand.

Number of Cats vs Price of Cat Food Set of x,y points: x represents a number of cats, y represents the corresponding price of cat food to feed them. Pseudo-randomly generated points.

Diameter vs Calculated Value of Pi Pseudo-randomly generated points scattered along a horizontal line, where x represents a hypothetical measured diameter of a circle, and y represents an approximation for pi using the measured diameter and circumference of that circle.

Price vs Number of Items Sold A randomly generated set of points fitting a scatter plot of a demand curve.

Year vs Winning 400m Run Time Set of winning times for the men's 400M final in Olympic Games from 1896 to 1996. x is the year, y is the winning time. Actual data.

Fun Curves Randomly generated x,y points distributed around a cubic function.

Outliers Randomly generated x,y points distributed around a linear function, with a few outliers thrown in. Demonstrates how outliers affect the line of fit.

No Outliers The previous dataset, with outliers removed.

Central Tendency
Text Messages: Men The dataset describing the amount of times men texted in one month

Text Messages: Women A dataset describing the amount of times women texted in one month

Height in Inches The growth in inches from birth to age 18, in inches.

meanDailyTemp Daily temperature at Fisher River near Dallas, from 1988 - 1991. x: date, y: mean daily temperature in degrees Celcius. Actual data.

dailyPrecipitation Daily precipitation at Fisher River near Dallas, from 1988 - 1991. x: date, y: total precipitation in mm. Actual data.

souvenirSales Monthly sales for a beach resort shop in Australia, from 1987 - 1993. x: month, y: sales. Actual data.

paperSales Monthly sales of paper, from 1963 - 1972. x: month, y: sales in thousands of French francs. Actual data.

champagneSales Monthly champagne sales from 1964 - 1972. x: month, y: sales in millions. Actual data.

Conditional Probability
conditional_probability.pdf Worksheet on conditional probability.

clean3cluster.csv Generated x,y,z points grouped in 3 clusters.

noisy8cluster.csv Generated x,y,z points grouped in 8 clusters, with additional noise.

Boolean Logic
boolean_logic.pdf Worksheet on Boolean logic.

Matrix Worksheet Printout for practicing matrix arithmetic.

Pictures for Matrix Module
cat.jpg Grayscale image of a kitten.

elephant.jpg Grayscale image of an elephant.

puppy.jpg Grayscale image of puppies.

octopus.jpg Grayscale image of an octopus.

snake.jpg Grayscale image of a snake.

spider.jpg Grayscale image of a spider.

birdmantis.jpg Grayscale image of a bird and a praying mantis.

penguins.jpg Grayscale image of a penguin family.

giraffe.jpg Grayscale image of a giraffe.

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